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  • Shungite EMF Protection Necklace - Modern Shield

     Navigate the digital world safely with the Shungite EMF Protection Necklace.

    Luck Strings' Handcrafted Shungite Necklace is not just a stylish accessory; it’s a cutting-edge shield against electromagnetic fields (EMFs). Each piece of shungite is expertly selected for its purity and protective properties, offering a stylish way to reduce exposure to EMFs emitted by electronic devices. Ideal for tech-savvy individuals, this necklace combines modern necessity with classic elegance. The sleek, dark tones of shungite are not only visually striking but also indicative of its reputation as a powerful protector against environmental stressors.


    ONE SIZE FITS MOST - 16"-32" inch or 41-81cm in length


    Stone type: Shungite

    Pendant measurements: 28mm to 32mm long x 18mm to 23mm

    Cord material: waxed cotton cord

    Order processing, including verification and packaging, takes 1-2 business days. Click here for detailed shipping info. Please note that specific delivery dates or times aren't guaranteed, and provided dates are estimates. Luck Strings is not liable for delays beyond our control, such as customs clearance or undeliverable addresses.

    • Authentic Shungite: Sourced for its high carbon content and exceptional EMF shielding properties.
    • Universal Design: Fashionable for all, this necklace is a blend of technology and tradition.
    • EMF Protection: Ideal for reducing exposure to electronic device emissions, promoting a healthier lifestyle.
    • Material Choices: Available with a robust leather cord for a sophisticated look or a 2mm thick, water-resistant waxed cotton cord for practical everyday use.
    • Premium Packaging: Comes in elegant packaging, complete with a velvet pouch, making it an ideal gift for tech enthusiasts or as a personal safeguard.

    Given their nature, all Gemstones and Crystals are one-of-a-kind pieces. Photos may be slightly different from actual items in terms of color and size due to lighting and settings during photo shoots or monitor's display. 

    All properties attributed to the gemstones sold by Luck Strings are based on books and old traditions. Our products and information are not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease, nor replace professional medical advice.

    Eligible for Returns - Check our return policy for more details.