About Us

Luck Strings is a lifestyle brand inspired by our life journey with the power to awaken greater awareness and purpose each and every day. Our simple, thoughtful essentials are designed to foster protection, abundance, luck, and health, always helping you manifest your dreams.

Our accessories come in many unique colors and styles, in addition to specific gemstones and inspiring symbols that will help you to experience spirituality and to honor your highest self. Our products are carefully selected and made with quality gemstones that are made with grade AA or better stones to ensure quality, clarity, and purpose. We proudly offer handcrafted quality designs that serve as much more than just a piece of jewelry—they guide you along a meaningful life path and help you cleanse and purify your spirit. Luck Strings is designed to bring good fortune to your home and to surround you with protective energy wherever you go.

After many years of working in different fields, I was able to turn a passion into a business and I couldn't be happier! Being able to be part of such an amazing global online community is something that not only drives me every day, but that  I am extremely grateful for.

This is our shared space with you, a place where we could help others find a deeper connection and balance between their mind, body, and also spirit.


Love and Light,