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  • Luck Strings Carnelian Pendant - Ember Glow

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    Ignite Your Passions with Carnelian

    The Luck Strings Handmade Carnelian Stone Necklace is a testament to life's fiery essence. Renowned for its saturated, warm tones, Carnelian is a storied stone that emboldens the wearer with the courage to face life's challenges and the vitality to pursue their deepest desires. Hand-selected for its vibrant energy, each Carnelian pendant is a source of inspiration and empowerment.

    Key Features:

    • Authentic Carnelian: Admired for its rich, orange-red vibrancy and motivational qualities.
    • Universal Design: A bold statement piece for anyone wishing to make an impact with their style.
    • Carnelian Properties: Linked with the sacral chakra, it's said to enhance determination and creative power.
    • Material Choices: Choose from black, brown, or tan waxed cotton cords, 2mm in thickness, known for their strength and water-resistant qualities.
    • Elegant Packaging: Nestled within a luxe gift box and accompanied by a velvet pouch, it's the perfect gift to inspire strength and creativity.

    Product Specifications:

    • Adjustable Size: Customizable fit provided by sliding knots, spanning from 16" (41cm) to 32" (81cm) in length.
    • Pendant Dimensions: The Carnelian pendants, while uniform in spirit, vary in size, typically ranging from 22mm to 32mm by 16mm to 22mm.
    • Cord Selection: Available in a choice of waxed cotton cords, each chosen to complement the fiery hue of Carnelian and to withstand everyday wear.

    Natural Gemstone Disclaimer:

    Delight in the singular beauty of Carnelian. Each stone is assured of its quality yet may differ in color, size, and shape—each pendant uniquely yours.

    Health & Wellness Reminder:

    The properties of Carnelian sold by Luck Strings are celebrated for their historical and ornamental significance. They serve to adorn your journey of self-discovery, not to replace healthcare advice.