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  • Luck Strings Tiger's Eye Pendant - Courageous Spirit

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    Empower Your Journey with Tiger's Eye

    The Luck Strings Handmade Tiger's Eye Stone Necklace serves as a powerful emblem of courage and self-confidence. With its mesmerizing play of light and rich earthy colors, Tiger's Eye has long been cherished for its ability to provide insight and bolster personal empowerment. Hand-selected for its quality and vibrancy, each Tiger's Eye pendant is a companion on your path to fearless self-expression.

    Key Features:

    • Authentic Tiger's Eye: Valued for its captivating luster and strengthening properties.
    • Universal Design: A versatile piece that's as assertive and bold as its wearer.
    • Tiger's Eye Properties: Aids in fostering resilience and sharpening the senses.
    • Material Choices: Available with a durable 2mm thick waxed cotton cord in black, brown, or tan, suited for all lifestyles.
    • Elegant Packaging: Arrives in a tasteful gift box with a velvet pouch, perfect for gifting or as a personal amulet of protection.

    Product Specifications:

    • Adjustable Size: Designed with sliding knots for a customizable length from 16" (41cm) to 32" (81cm).
    • Pendant Size: The pendants exhibit the natural allure of Tiger's Eye, with sizes typically from 22mm to 32mm in length and 16mm to 22mm in width.
    • Cord Options: Select from our waxed cotton cord options, crafted for resilience and daily wear.

    Natural Gemstone Disclaimer:

    Each Tiger's Eye stone is a natural work of art, with inherent variations in pattern and hue that make your necklace unparalleled in its beauty.

    Health & Wellness Reminder:

    The properties of Tiger's Eye offered by Luck Strings are a nod to ancient traditions. These stones are intended to complement your journey to courage and are not a substitute for health care.