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  • Luck Strings Chakra Pendant - Harmonized Elegance

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    Harmonize Your Energy

    The Luck Strings Chakra Pendant Necklace offers a personalized path to balance and tranquility. Each necklace is a singular representation of one of the 28 distinct gemstones available, chosen to align with and enhance the body's energy centers.

    Key Features:

    • Select Gemstones: From a collection of 28, each gemstone is revered for its unique energy properties and aesthetic.
    • Universal Appeal: A unisex design ensures this piece is a perfect fit for anyone seeking a touch of harmony.
    • Chakra Connection: Each stone is believed to interact with different chakras, promoting spiritual, emotional, and physical balance.
    • Quality Craftsmanship: Our necklaces feature a choice of durable 2mm waxed cotton cords in three natural shades, each designed to be water-resistant.
    • Elegant Packaging: Arrive in style with each pendant packaged in a deluxe gift box accompanied by a velvet pouch, ready for gifting or safekeeping.

    Product Specifications:

    • Adjustable Size: Sliding knots allow for an adjustable length between 16" (41cm) to 32" (81cm).
    • Pendant Variation: While each gemstone pendant varies, typical dimensions range from 22mm to 32mm in length, 16mm to 22mm in width, and 7mm to 12mm in depth.
    • Cord Choices: Select from black, brown, or tan 2mm thick waxed cotton cords, catering to different styles and preferences.

    Natural Gemstone Disclaimer:

    While each pendant is a showcase of nature's artistry, expect and appreciate the individuality of your chosen gemstone. Variations in color, size, and shape celebrate the unique beauty and authenticity of each piece.

    Health & Wellness Reminder:

    These gemstones are part of various traditions and are chosen for their beauty and the positive energies they are believed to emit. They are for spiritual support and not as a substitute for medical treatment.