Black Tourmaline is a magical stone, the most powerful stone for protection and to ward off negative energy. An excellent grounding stone, repels and blocks negative energies and psychic attacks within body or home. 

In addition, it helps by blocking (EMF) Electromagnetic Radiation from your cell phones, wi-fi routers, computers and other electronic devices that expose radiation causing cancer.



Black Tourmaline tumbled pocket stones (choose quantity)

1 (one) Tourmaline meaning note card per stone

1 (one) Velvet pouch per stone 

BULK options available: 

1 Stone: $4.99 (regular priced)
3 Stones: $11.99 (15% discount)
5 Stones: $18.99 (20% discount)
10 Stones: $31.99 (35% discount)

Stone type: Black Tourmaline

Stone size and weight: 

Approximate Size: 18mm - 30mm 
Approximate Weight: 8.5 - 17 grams


Natural Gemstone Disclaimer

Given their nature, all gemstones and crystals are one of a kind pieces making them unique. Please note that stones may vary slightly from each other as far as color, markings, shape and also size. Slice pendants come graduated in size and will be selected randomly for each individual necklace. Sizes are an approximation. 

Also, please consider that photos may be slightly different from actual item in terms of color due to lighting during photo shoots or monitor's display.  

All properties attributed to the gemstones sold by Luck Strings are based on books and old traditions. The products and information we provide are not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease, nor replace professional medical advice.