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  • Yellow Calcite Radiance Necklace | Luck Strings

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    Step into a world of brightness with the Luck Strings Yellow Calcite Necklace. This exquisite piece is more than just a jewel; it's a source of positive energy and mental clarity. Each Yellow Calcite gemstone is carefully chosen for its radiant hues and unique properties, offering a glowing addition to your daily attire and a constant source of light and inspiration."

    Key Features:

    • Authentic Yellow Calcite: A gemstone known for its bright, uplifting energy and clarity-enhancing properties.
    • Universal Design: Fashioned to suit any style, this necklace adds a touch of radiance to any outfit.
    • Yellow Calcite Properties: Celebrated for its ability to clear mental fog and bring in positive energy.
    • Material: Crafted with a 2mm thick, durable wax cotton cord for enduring style and comfort.
    • Elegant Packaging: Your necklace arrives in luxurious packaging, perfect for gifting or personal indulgence.

    Product Specifications:

    • Adjustable Fit: Easily adjustable with a sliding knot, fitting 16" to 32" lengths.
    • Unique Pendant: Each Yellow Calcite piece is distinct, varying in size and shape to highlight its natural beauty.

    Natural Gemstone Disclaimer: Embrace the unique character of natural Yellow Calcite, with variations that enhance the individuality of each pendant.

    Wellness Reminder: While Yellow Calcite is revered for its bright and positive qualities, it is intended as a joyful addition to your day, not as a substitute for professional guidance.