Discover the transformative power of Amethyst. Activate spiritual awareness, intuition, and psychic abilities through meditation. This calming stone enhances focus, memory, and motivation for a holistic healing experience 

Stone type: Chevron Amethyst

Pendant measurements:34mm (3.4cm) x 26mm (2.6cm) x 14mm (1.4cm)

Necklace type:adjustable sliding knots

Necklace material:black waxed nylon cord

Necklace length:ONE SIZE FITS MOST | 16"-32" inch long or 41-81cm in length


Natural Gemstone Disclaimer

Given their nature, all Gemstones and Crystals are one-of-a-kind pieces. Photos may be slightly different from actual items in terms of color and size due to lighting and settings during photo shoots or monitor's display.

All properties attributed to the gemstones sold by Luck Strings are based on books and old traditions. Our products and information are not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease, nor replace professional medical advice.